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highest quality

We can now apply Sheet Metal Work to produce parts that could only be produced by Machining up to now.

As the costs of making die can be minimized the asset management becomes easy.
Punching and laser processing 6mm sheet metal that used to be processed by machining before. Punching, laser processing and bending 4.5mm thick sheet metal that used to be processed by welding before. The costs will be radically reduced to 1/3 in each case.

High precision and high quality for every lot.

Cpk(Process Capability index) is 3.26 which is almost same as stamping process. From small batch pilot parts production to mass production, we process and produce by the high-precision general- purpose machine. The market defect rate was 8ppm(parts per million) and in-house defect rate was 19ppm from 2001 April~2004 March.

Our Metal Plate Bending Technology can assure high precision.

Even 8mm stainless plate can be processed.

Our laser processing reduced the residual stress.

Based on the many experiments with various materials in different conditions, we’ve succeeded to determine the process requirements that can minimize the residual stress caused by the heat in the laser processing.