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Deliver the ultimate Metal sheet process.

Giving the best product.

Although we control everything with computer from order receiving to delivery, we believe that it’s important for human being to use computer to the fullest extent possible without entrusting every manipulation to computer. With this belief in mind we are realizing and speed-up of our administrative work.
With the help of our technical experts we secure the skills and intuition that the machine can hardly provide. Thus we deliver the ultimate Metal sheet process.

We retain the high-precision level.

We devote all our energies to maintain the machines in good condition as we take pride in our high accuracy.We periodically reexamine the data and manipulate the machine to keep the high accuracy.

We are developing as a company with the state-of-the-art processing technology.

We are steadily developing by devoting ourselves to our study of metal sheet process, and Dealing with many listed companies.
From pilot production to mass production and service parts, we take pride in our quality, delivery and price which meet to the client’s needs with rapidly.
We’ll give high priority to capital investment and development of human resources in the next 10 years.
While implementing 24 hours operation by the automatic warehouse system, and introducing laser processing machine and bending cell to pursue accuracy, shortening of lead time and cost reduction, we develop the human resources to master the technique of manipulating the newest equipment. Now we are becoming a leading company conducted by young generations with the forefront processing technology.