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The reason for the drastic cost down.

Minimized production cost

Reduced risk of the product development

Even in the case of good new product the mass production at the initial stage of sales normally accompanies a great risk.Our high-precision general –purpose machine can cope with a change of the production volume needed according to the sales amounts for both small batch and mass production.

No need to keep inventory of the service parts.

We can supply the service parts without using metal stamping.

You’ll be free from the tooling storage and inventory control.

We can quickly respond to minor changes.

We can minimize the initial costs and also can respond without delay to the design changes as we process and manufacture all products with the high-precision general –purpose machine from pilot production parts to mass production.Enable to adjust the system even when there is a minor change of the parts requiring the precise process

We prepare the payment slip to meet the customer’s specification.

Therefore, it can help the customers save the trouble of computing and printing the payment slips and thus reduce the management costs.