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About us

Head Office

4-10-1, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0072 Japan

Main Office

2553-3, Tokorozawashinmachi, Tokorozawa, Saitama, 359-0006 Japan
Phone 04-2990-5400
Fax 04-2990-5402


April 26, 2001

Paid-in Capital

95 million Japanese yen


Devoting to create new culture through manufacturing supported by the best people and equipments.


Design´╝ćSales of precision instrument / metal press/ sheet-metal working / svarious surface treatment / heat treatment and various assemblages. / Design and manufacturing of metal cast die /

Tokorozawa Office


2001,Apr. 26Establishment of our company with capital of 10 million japanese yen
2003,Certified for SME creation activity promotion act
2004,Capital increased to 50 million japanese yen
2005,Article about our company posted in December issue of Nikkei Mono-tsukuri
2006,Jan. 6Article about our company posted in Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun
2006,Feb. 8Awarded "The 1st Annual Shibusawa-Eichi Venture Dream Prize"
2006,Mar.Certified SME Management Innovation Assisting Act
2006,Nov. 7Awarded "The 6th Annual Business Plan Contest" of Kanto Economic Agency
2006,Dec. 30Issei Iguchi appeared in Radio Nikkei program "Yume Kigyo Tanbo"
2007,Feb. 3Article about our company posted in February issue of "Itto Jukken" of Kanto Economic Agency
2007,Feb. 16Article about our company posted in Saitama Shinbun morning paper Zoom-up Saitama
2007,Mar. 7Article about our companyposted in "Business Support" of Tokyo Shoko Research
2007,Mar.Capital increased to 80 million japanese yen
2007,Jun.Article about our company posted in "Nikko Forum" of Nihon Kogyo Shinbun
2007,Jun.8Article about our company posted in Nagano Shoko Shinbun
2007,Jul.Sales of sheet metal cost estimate cost software "Kore Ikura" started
2007,Nov.30Article about our company posted in "Columbus" of Toho Tsushinsha
2008,Jan.Article about our company posted in a website "F Comu"
2008,Feb. 12Certified as "IT Management Practicing Company" by METI
2008,Apr. 9Article about our company posted in Nikkei Shinbun
2008,Jul.23Article about our company posted in Business Eye Fuji Sankei
2009,Feb. 27Selected as "1,400 companies who created job"
2009,Apr. 24Selected as "300 manufacturing SME with Vitality"
2009,Dec. 9Article about our company posted in Nikkei Kogyo Shinbun
2009,Dec. 28"So-so Taru" Chisana Sekai Kigyo published
2010,May 26Article about our company posted in Nikkei Shinbun
2010,Feb.Capital increased to 95 million japanese yen
2010,Jul. 27Speech at Technology Convergence Promotion Meeting in Hakodate
2010,Jul. 28Article about our company posted in Hakodate Shinbun
2010,Sep. 4Interview about our companyaired in NHK News 7
2010,Oct.Article posted in "Dream Match Project"
2010,Dec.Article posted in "Dream Match Project" (Successful employment Special)
2010,Dec. 17Article posted in Nikkei Shinbun
2011,Sep. 1Completion of Tokorozawa Office bldg. (Designed by constructed by Kumagai Gumi)
2011,Dec. 9Article posted in Nikkei Shinbun
2012,oct.Awarded "The first prize" of Tokyo management innovation excellence Awards 2012
2013,FebAwarded "Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Prize" of Japan Venture Awards 2013
2014,Nov. 19Awarded "special prize" of Tokyo Venture Technology award 2014
2015,Sep. 17Awarded "Honorable Mention Award" of JCourageous management award 2015