We will make a revolution
in Metal Forming Process.

You don't need to pay a lot for die

Unit cost will be reduced to 1/2~1/3

Internally developed software
Intellectual property system

Closed-up picture of the inspection machine.The machine used in our company.

Our business

Our proprietary processing "Dieless" "Machiningless"

With our sheet metal processing, a product conventionally
manufactured by "machining" is processed without using dies.
It doesn't matter what the metal thickness or material.
Also,we've developed "Intellectual Property System"
and "Koretukuru"(Production Management System) to pioneer an innowative way of manufacturing that connects IT and Things.

We excels at manufacturing high quality high precision parts. Especially for OA equipment, Aerospace, Defensive, medicine and Heavy electric machinery.
Every design rejected by other companies are always welcomed. Please contact us.